While Veganuary is observed during the whole month of January, World Vegan Day is observed annually on November 1. A calendar event originating in England in 1994, vegans across the globe celebrate their lifestyle choice and use this day as an opportunity to advocate the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

Over the years we’ve published many articles on veganism and plant-based living but this year we wanted to curate a list of some kickass brands and folks creating animal-cruelty free crafts that we never thought possible. Salute to these rulebreakers giving vegans a chance to live their values and pushing for a peaceful, compassionate and animal-friendly world through their products.

Play music with a vegan guitar

You lift the guitar up from where it’s sitting and immediately, there’s spell on your fingers as you strum and pluck and fondle the strings as you play the tunes. Suddenly, a rapport between the guitarist and the instrument is in the air.

But a deeper and more soulful connection between them becomes more than just the sound produced when the guitar that had been crafted is created with compassion and respect. A regular guitar often uses animal bone for the guitar nuts, saddles and pins. The inlay on regular guitars can be made from mother of pearl and abalone shells. The glue that is used to seal things together contain the substance called casein which is an adhesive made from milk protein.

Cue Bedell Guitars, a business making handcrafted guitars that promote vegan lutherie; there are no animal byproducts in their vegan guitar range. Plus, they use sustainably-sourced materials too. And when guitars are made with love for all life as Bedell Guitars are, there’s more magic in the acoustics, there’s wizardry charging from instrument to hands and there is sorcery in the air. The music will never fade because the sound of respect and kindness reverberates in the air.

Bedell Guitars

Roll in the hay with a vegan sex kit

For most of us, our built-in appendages are enough to satisfy our sexual urges and desires. However, for those looking for some extra fun or just some novelty to keep things spicy, you can now “go vegan” in the bedroom. Here is the ultimate vegan sex kit for the playful vegans:

Rose Body Butter

A rose body butter can be concocted in your very own kitchen. It is a sustainable and healthy recipe which is safe enough to also be used as a sex lube! So, go whip up that rose body butter and make a night out of it. You can find a tutorial for whipped rose body butter here.

Sustain Condoms

Condoms contain the substance casein which is a milk protein making it non-vegan. Sustain Condoms promote safe sex and respect for animals; they are made from the healthiest ingredients without any additives, animal byproduct, and is better for the planet and your body.

Rose Massage Oil

A rose infused oil is the perfect tool for a sensual massage and the pleasure of a steamy touch can easily boost your libido. Here’s a simple way on how you can make your own rose infused massage oil.

Vegan Sex Toy

Tantus sex toys are safe, flexible and easy to clean. They come in all shapes and sizes and offer a wide selection of choices for the super kinky!

Try herbalism

Herbalism is as old as the world and going back to the ancient and natural way to heal ourselves gives us the chance to cultivate a whole new relationship with plants, the environment as well as with our body. Check out our previous post to get to know about this traditional healing practice and the amazing herbalists who are committed to promoting a farm to pharmacy way of healing.

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